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Lawyers and the Law

Posted by Dominick R. Dolci | Dec 08, 2013 | 0 Comments

When lawyers first graduate from law school and pass the state bar exam they are ready to practice. The educational expectations are one thing but to actually practice law the graduate must also prove his or her legal competency, this is done by sitting and passing a very difficult examination. As well as passing the bar, the budding lawyer must pass a background check where his or her history and character are investigated. In addition to being ready to practice, case areas can be so diverse and complex that no attorneys are capable of properly adjudicating every possible case that comes along. As a result, lawyers tend to focus their attention on specific elements of the law.

To get a better feel for the law in all its complexities consider just for a moment the diverse differences between a case if a dog bites you, a medical malpractice case, or a case involving an environmental catastrophe. It becomes clear that lawyers must limit their practice to only a few areas; however, these areas become a lawyer's specialty, and this type of expertise and experience can be beneficial in winning your case.

The practice of law is actually quite straight forward; it involves the provision of legal services to clients by those who have been admitted to the bar. Perhaps the first example that people tend to think of when asked to define the practice of law is going to court on someone's behalf. This is but one example, lawyers help their clients prepare legal documents like their will, they assist in property transfers; they prepare cases for court and render opinions.

All lawyers, regardless of the area of law that they are involved in are expected to adhere to ethical guidelines, otherwise they may jeopardize their career. Many of the rules that are in place impact the client-lawyer relationship, this is a privileged relationship based on confidentiality. Lawyers must comply with ethical as well as legal obligations when they are dealing with their clients, if they stray from these ethical guidelines they will quickly be barred from practicing law.

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