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Get Help with Family and Criminal Law Needs

Get Help with Family and Criminal Law Needs

Whether you are heading into a divorce or custody situation, or you are facing criminal charges, you need assistance from a reputable law firm in Naperville. Don't trust your future to just anyone who says they can provide the legal services you need. Dolci & Weiland is ready to assist you in all types of cases relating to family and criminal law. We understand how stressful these cases can be and want to make it as easy as possible for our clients.

Family Law Can Be Complex

The area of family law can be quite complex. Whether you need a divorce lawyer or you are looking for a general family attorney in Naperville to handle a number of other case types, we can offer the assistance you need. Family law cases often require impeccable documentation and attention to detail to ensure the proper outcome, especially in terms of custody and divorce. Our team of professionals can help you determine what documentation you need and how to best present your case for a positive outcome. Our goal is to ensure you see resolution to your family law case in a way that satisfies your needs and keeps the best interests of everyone at heart, especially any children involved.

DUI Charges Are Frightening

While some drunk drivers make a habit of driving under the influence, others simply make a one-time mistake. If you are one of those individuals, the consequences of a DUI can be extremely frightening. Hiring a DUI attorney at Dolci & Weiland in Naperville can help you feel at ease. We put someone on your side to fight for a satisfactory resolution to your case. We understand the seriousness of this issue but recognize most people who get a DUI are good people who made bad choices. We strive to help you get through your case as easily as possible.

Facing Other Criminal Charges?

If you are facing other criminal charges, you need to work with our criminal attorneys in Naperville to handle your case with the utmost discretion. We understand the consequences you face and want to help. Whether you were wrongfully accused or you are rightfully facing charges, our team of professionals can help you navigate your case for the best possible outcome. We may not be able to get the charges dropped, but we may be able to help you reduce your sentence.

Facing criminal charges or going through a family law case can be stressful. However, you don't have to go through it alone. Our Naperville attorneys are ready to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. We work hard to make sure all the evidence and documentation is submitted as necessary and you have the proper representation. Our staff understands how important your case is to you and treats every case as we would our own.

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