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The State of Illinois treats DUI offenses with the utmost seriousness. That is why, if you have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI in DuPage County, Cook County, or Illinois, every decision you make can be of the utmost importance to your case. Following an arrest, what you choose to do or say can have a direct impact on the outcome of your case and affect your life for years to come. 

Any DUI case in Illinois and DuPage County is a complicated one, and there is no such thing as a simple DUI case. That is because DUI cases contain a lot of moving parts, from administrative/civil Statutory Summary Suspensions (carried out by the Illinois Secretary of State) to criminal penalties which can lead to jail time and fines. However, these penalties can often be avoided or minimized if you make smart, informed choices and play your cards right from the very first minute you are faced with a DUI. 

At Dolci & Weiland, our seasoned DUI defense attorneys and former prosecutors know just how much is at stake in any Illinois DUI case. Because our clients' futures hang in the balance, we pride ourselves in offering targeted and strategic legal defenses to our clients throughout DuPage, Cook, Kane, Kendall, and Will Counties. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients to establish a personalized DUI defense plan which is tailored to their individual wishes and needs.    

If you are facing a DUI arrest or charge in DuPage County, the smartest decision you can make is to hire a lawyer who knows how the state tries its DUI cases. At Dolci and Weiland, our DUI lawyers are former DuPage County DUI Prosecutors who have prosecuted thousands of DUI cases. This experience allows us to advise you from every perspective. From challenging police misconduct to addressing an unjustified traffic stop or calling out a legal arrest, we know what it takes to proactively defend an Illinois DUI case. We use our decades of experience to exploit potential weaknesses in the opposing side's case, and this is one of many factors which helps us achieve success in countless DuPage County DUI cases.

Have you been charged with a DUI in DuPage County or Illinois? Are you facing the prospect of daunting penalties and unsure of what you can do to protect your future? Make the decision to be proactive and protect your future by speaking to an experienced DUI attorney today, with no obligations attached. To schedule a free DUI consultation with our team of seasoned defense attorneys. contact our law office at (630) 261-9098.

Illinois DUI Laws / FAQs

Pursuant to IL DUI laws, driving under the influence is a severe offense which carries a variety of potential criminal penalties including jail time, loss of driving privileges, significant fines, and a non-expungeable mark on your record. Upon conviction of DUI, even if you are granted supervision, the DUI offense will permanently remain on your driving record. Multiple arrests or convictions will result in greater penalties and imprisonment.

Additionally, a DUI conviction can also subject you to greatly increased auto insurance rates for a minimum of three years. While your driving privileges are under summary suspension, you may be required to participate in alcohol and drug evaluations to assess your risk for future offenses. You may also be required to complete a rehabilitation program or alcohol and drug education program and/or meet other requirements depending on the circumstances of your case. Because these penalties can accumulate and have a significant impact on your life, it is often in your best interest to seek the representation of a seasoned DUI defense lawyer if you have been charged with a DUI in DuPage County or Illinois.

What is Driving Under the Influence (DUI) in DuPage County and Illinois?

Illinois DUI Laws define “Driving Under the Influence” (commonly referred to as 'DUI') as the operating of a motor vehicle whilst impaired by alcohol, cannabis (marijuana), or other specified intoxicating compounds as defined by the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (720 ILCS 570).

Illinois Implied Consent Law and Illinois Statutory Summary Suspension DUI Laws

When you choose to drive on Illinois roadways, you are automatically submitting to Illinois Implied Consent laws. These laws dictate that anytime you operate a motor vehicle out on Illinois roads, you are consenting in advance to submit to specific tests should you be pulled over or arrested for a suspected DUI. The tests required under Illinois implied consent laws include breathalyzer tests and chemical (blood, breath, urine) tests, all of which are intended to measure the levels of intoxicating substances in your system.

If you are pulled over and arrested for DUI in DuPage County, you should immediately contact a Top DuPage DUI Lawyer.

As dictated by Illinois and DuPage County DUI laws, if you are arrested an found with a BAC of .08 or higher, your Illinois driving privileges go under Statutory Summary Suspension by the Illinois Secretary of State, unless you can successfully challenge your case in a summary suspension hearing and have your suspension rescinded.

DuPage DUI Penalties

First DuPage DUI Offense

Under Illinois and DuPage County DUI laws, a DUI conviction is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor

Second DuPage DUI Offense

A second DUI conviction in DuPage County is classified as a Class A Misdemeanor and is punishable by a minimum of 5 days in jail or a requirement of 250 hours of community service, as well as suspension of vehicle registration.  

Third DuPage DUI Offense

In Illinois and DuPage County, a third DUI conviction can be classified as an aggravated DUI and is considered a Class 4 Felony.

Fourth DuPage DUI Offense

Much like a third DUI conviction, a fourth DUI conviction in DuPage County, Illinois is considered an aggravated DUI. However, a fourth conviction is classified as a Class 2 Felony, which is two classifications more severe than a Class 4 Felony.

Fifth DuPage DUI Offense

A fifth DUI conviction in Illinois and DuPage County is classified as a Class 1 Felony.

Sixth DUI Offense, OR Subsequent Offenses

In DuPage County, Illinois, a sixth DUI conviction is classified as an aggravated DUI AND a Class X Felony -- the most serious of felony classifications. The same applies to any subsequent DUI offenses.


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At Dolci & Weiland, our team of dedicated DUI defense attorneys fights to protect our clients from the severe consequences of a DUI conviction. From the criminal trial to the civil summary suspension hearings, we are with our clients every step of the way to ensure their rights are protected and their interests are represented throughout the legal process. Because each case is different, we work closely with our clients and listen to their wishes and needs in order to develop a targeted and strategic plan of defense that is tailored to the unique circumstances of their case. 

We offer free consultations to evaluate your Illinois / DuPage County DUI case and discuss your legal options. To speak with an attorney and schedule a consultation, give our office a call at (630) 261-9098.