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Illinois DUI Secretary of State Hearings

Secretary of State Hearings

A DUI conviction can be devastating all by itself. The consequences are severe: a criminal conviction, large amounts of court-ordered counseling, staggering fines and costs, and, in some cases, jail time. However, when the dust from the court proceedings finally settles, the biggest consequence of that DUI conviction comes in your mailbox – a letter from the Secretary of State telling you that your license has been revoked.

A revoked license is far more severe than a suspended license. When your license is revoked it is, for all practical purposes, gone. You cannot get your driving privileges back unless you take the necessary steps with the Secretary of State to do so. Many people find this process time-consuming, confusing, frustrating, and expensive. Although the letter from the Secretary of State may tell you that your license is only revoked for one year, many people find that it takes them several years until they are legally back behind the wheel.

We can help you navigate this treacherous course. Our attorneys will set you up with counselors who specialize in preparing the necessary documentation for your hearing with the Secretary of State. We will meet with you personally in our office on several occasions before your hearing to ensure that you all of your paperwork is in order and that you are 100% prepared for the questions you will be asked by the Secretary of State at your hearing.

This is not a process you should attempt to handle without a competent attorney by your side. Many of our Secretary of State clients have tried to “go it alone” and have found themselves in a much worse position than they would have otherwise been had they brought a lawyer with them to the hearing. Don't make the same mistake. Please contact us for a free consultation. At your free initial consultation, our trained staff will be happy to sit down with you and go through all of your documents to put you on track to be driving again.