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Juvenile Crimes Defense Lawyer

Experienced DuPage Juvenile Defense Lawyers

If you are a concerned parent with a child who has gotten in trouble with the law, we understand that you want to do your best to help your son or daughter turn their life around while there is still time. At the law firm of Dolci and Weiland in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, our juvenile crimes attorneys also believe that the best interests of the minor are paramount.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers are Former DuPage County Felony Prosecutors

One of the reasons for our success is that all of our attorneys are former prosecutors, and have 40 years of combined legal experience between us. Because of our comprehensive understanding of complex legal cases from the prosecution's vantage point, we are able to put together the strongest possible cases on behalf of our clients. When our attorneys represent minors in juvenile court, we take on cases such as:

  • Minors charged with juvenile delinquency
  • Young people who have been expelled or suspended from school for their behavior
  • Children accused of committing a criminal offense

The Goal is to Avoid Jail Time for Your Child

The DuPage juvenile defense lawyers at Dolci and Weiland are committed to getting minors the help they need to avoid jail. This involves working with parents, prosecutors, and other professionals to seek dismissal or reduction of the charges, get counseling and re-admittance to school and work to get probation instead of jail.

Contact our Cook/DuPage County juvenile crimes attorneys today for a free consultation to discuss how we will work together to get the best future for your minor.