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Illinois Expungement Lawyers

Expunge or Seal your Criminal Record

Because we understand that people make mistakes, we help clients move on and distance themselves from those past mistakes. There is no need for the past to be hanging over your head for the rest of your life. At the law firm of Dolci and Weiland in Oakbrook Terrace, our criminal defense attorneys can help you expunge your criminal record.This legal process, depending upon the severity of the past offense, can involve:

  • Sealing or Expunging your criminal record
  • Obtaining mug shots and fingerprints
  • Cleaning up your driving record

Who Can Access Your Criminal Record?

Maybe you thought your arrest history was hard for others to obtain, but with the combination of the Internet and Freedom of Information Act, many previously private documents are now accessible to anyone with a computer. These criminal files can be accessed for people and institutions doing background checks on you, such as potential employers, banks and lenders, schools, apartment buildings and others.

Start the Expungement Process Today

Additionally, it is advisable for you to expunge criminal records to make sure your arrest history will not be misinterpreted because it could be incomplete and difficult for some people to fully understand.

Choose the Expungement Lawyers with Experience

After you have made the decision to request an expunction, the next step is hiring an expungement attorney who is familiar with the Illinois state statutes and procedures, as each state's laws vary. We know all of the steps involved, including notifying the arresting agency, state, FBI, clerk's office, and others with access to your files. When you contact the criminal expunction attorneys at Dolci and Weiland for a free initial consultation, you will get the benefit of 40 years of combined legal experience. We will work to clear your record so that you receive a fresh start in the job market, finding a home, and getting credit. Also, all of our criminal defense attorneys are former prosecutors, and will provide you with excellent legal representation.

For additional information about how we have been able to expunge others' criminal records, please contact our office to set up a free consultation today.