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Domestic Battery Lawyer

Domestic battery abuse

Have you been charged with domestic violence? In Illinois, domestic violence can be charged many different ways. Allegations can range from harassment to threats, stalking, intimidation, physical abuse, and may include sexual crimes, such as incest or rape. Accusers in these cases are current or ex-spouses, past or present boyfriends or girlfriends, siblings, relatives, or anyone with whom you have shared a residence. Many times these accusers may seek an order of protection against you – barring you from your own home and property. The serious nature of these allegations cannot be understated. Even if your case is charged as a misdemeanor, a guilty finding may have devastating consequences for your reputation and your future.

Domestic Violence is Serious. You Need a Serious Lawyer

Domestic violence can cross all social and economic lines. Many times, the allegations may stem from a simple misunderstanding or poor communication. However, today's police officers follow an aggressive zero tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. These departments are inclined to arrest first and ask questions later. You may find yourself arrested before you can even begin to explain yourself to police. In these situations, we understand that you are the real victim in the case.

Former Prosecutors With Over 40 Years Experience

If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence you need a qualified domestic battery attorney to represent you. Call the law firm of Dolci and Weiland with offices in Chicago and Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois immediately to protect your rights. Our Chicago criminal defense lawyers have over 40 years of combined legal experience and are former prosecutors. This gives us a different perspective than other lawyers who are not able to understand the intricacies of these cases. We can advise you on how to protect your interests, avoid convictions, and get on with your life.

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For effective and aggressive legal representation that will focus on getting domestic abuse charges dismissed and orders of protection lifted, contact our office today.