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Illinois Criminal Law: Class X Felony

In Illinois, the classification of felony crimes is reserved for the most serious of crimes. Therefore, felonies also carry the most severe sentences. Furthermore, the specific sentencing for each felony offense is determined based on 1) the facts of the case; and 2) the classification level of the felony.

Felonies range from the most serious offense, a Class X felony, to the least serious, a Class 4 felony. (For information on Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 felonies, please refer to our corresponding page. Here, we will discuss the sentencing and crimes that constitute a Class X felony in Illinois.) 

Illinois law provides prison sentencing for a Class X felony as the following:

  • 6 to 30 years in the case of determinate sentences
  • 30 to 60 years in the case of an extended term Class X felony (if convicted prior to the 1978 update in legislation)

Class X felony convictions can also see the imposition of fines exceeding $100,000, depending on the crime.

All felony convictions, regardless of classification, will remain on your criminal record unless you are pardoned or get the charge expunged.

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Class X Felony Crimes in Illinois

Certain types of criminal offenses are nearly always classified as Class X felonies by Illinois courts, including violent crimes. Some of the most common examples are outlined below.

Drug Crimes

The most serious drug crimes in Illinois are classified as Class X felonies. The following are among the most common Class X felony drug crimes in Illinois:

Child Pornography-Related Offenses

Child pornography offenses charged as Class X felonies mostly involve moving depictions (videos, movies, etc.) of a child engaged in sexual acts. In addition to mandatory fines and prison time, lifetime registration on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry is also required.

Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault

In the State of Illinois, predatory criminal sexual assault occurs when a person, age 17 or older, commits an act of sexual contact with a victim who is 12 years old or younger. Sexual contact is defined as when the sex organs or anus of one person comes in contact with any body part of the second person, for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Second Criminal Sexual Assault Conviction

In Illinois, Criminal Sexual Assault is the legal term for rape and occurs when sexual penetration on another individual is done with force, with threat of force, or when the perpetrator commits said sexual penetration knowing the other person lacks the capacity to consent. A second conviction for such an offense is considered a Class X felony.

Armed Robbery

An Armed Robbery occurs when a person committing a robbery (knowingly taking property, except a motor vehicle from the person or presence of another by the use of force or by threatening the imminent use of force) is armed with a dangerous weapon, a firearm or discharges a firearm.

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