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Elmhurst Divorce Attorneys

Getting a divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved, even when the divorce is amicable and mutually wanted. The difficulty and complexity of an Elmhurst divorce increases when it involves factors like young children and extensive assets.

At Dolci & Weiland, our divorce attorneys are experienced and skilled. We know how sensitive these matters are and will work within our power to make sure the outcome is in your best interests. 

Dissolution of Marriage in Elmhurst, Illinois

Illinois is a no-fault state. That means that neither party must take responsibility for causing the marriage to end. All that is required is that there exist irreconcilable differences. This means you have problems in the marriage and due to these problems, you and your spouse can no longer get along with each other.

In order to get a divorce in Illinois, you must have satisfied jurisdictional requirements: either you or your spouse must have lived in Illinois for at least 90 days. In order to get a divorce in Elmhurst specifically, one of the following qualifications must be met:

  • you live in DuPage County;
  • you live outside of DuPage County, but your spouse lives in DuPage County; or
  • you and your spouse live in DuPage County.

An uncontested divorce can take as little as one month, but contested divorces can take much longer. Each divorce is dependent on each of their unique facts and circumstances.

Divorce Process in Elmhurst IL

In order to start the divorce process, you must file a complaint regarding the same. In Illinois, this is known as dissolution of marriage. The papers are filed at the DuPage County Courthouse located at:

505 North County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187.

If your divorce goes beyond the discovery phase, then you will likely have to attend pre-trial hearings and, possibly, trial. These hearings will be held in the family court, which is at the above address and located on the third floor near the big windows.

Domestic Violence & Divorce in Elmhurst IL

If you have been the subject of domestic violence, it is important to obtain a restraining order. You may do so within the county you live or the county where the abuse occurred. For Elmhurst residents, you can request protection at:

DuPage County Courthouse
505 N County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187. 

Domestic violence can be a significant factor in divorce proceedings, particularly if there are custody issues. But it can also affect where one lives and where one is permitted to go, among other things. If you are the victim, it is important to advise your attorney of the same.

But also, a word of caution: some people use a claim of domestic violence as a means to get back at a spouse or to disrupt child custody matters. If you do so and it is discovered, then it can affect you detrimentally. Likewise, if you are a victim of a false domestic violence report, be sure to advise your attorney so that the matter can be addressed immediately to reduce the damage it could do to your case.

Issues Related to an Elmhurst Divorce 

Divorce brings up many issues among spouses, some are quite contentious while others are less so. The more children you have, the more assets you have, and other like factors, can impact how the divorce process goes.

At Dolci and Weiland, we have varied and vast experience in divorce and all issues that can emanate out of a divorce. We represent our clients comprehensively and fiercely while addressing these divorce matters. We know that means a lot to you, so it means a lot to us. 

Some of the more common divorce issues that arise in many cases include:

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Elmhurst Divorce Lawyer

You can file for a divorce on your own. There are many self-help websites that allow you to do it. In fact, you can find most forms you need at Illinois Legal Aid or via Illinois Courts.

From our experience, we know that when spouses choose to do this – especially for financial purposes – the costs end up being more. Important factors go unnoticed or unaddressed, and cleaning it up later can be expensive in terms of money, time, and emotions. Aside from this, benefits of hiring a good divorce attorney include things like:

  • Time – it is very time-consuming going over all the forms and documents, knowing what to file and when to file, among other things; an attorney saves you this time and can conduct the work rather expeditiously. 
  • Rights – you may not know your rights and because of that, you may not request what is rightfully yours; and experienced divorce lawyer knows your rights, knows what to ask for, knows what you deserve, and he or she will make sure you get it.
  • Problems – you may not understand what types of problems may arise out of not filing something, not using the right language, among other things, and then issues may arise later; an experienced attorney knows what to expect and addresses issues proactively.

To make sure you get the divorce right the first time, do your research and hire an experienced divorce lawyer. It's your best way to make sure your interests are considered, fought for, and obtained.

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No one wants to go through a divorce. But you have to sometimes, whether of your own wanting, a mutual desire for it, or your spouse's wishes. Retaining the right divorce lawyer is important: it can mean the difference between having the outcome of your divorce your best interests or not. 

At Dolci & Weiland, we exist to serve our clients. We know the law because we are experienced. We know the courts because we aren't afraid to go to trial. We know our clients because we listen to them. Contact us today for your free initial consultation. We will listen to you, too, and advise you of your options.