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Wheaton DUI & Divorce Lawyer

DUI & Divorce Lawyer in Wheaton, Illinois

The process of finding and hiring an attorney can be daunting. It can be stressful, knowing that picking the wrong law firm or attorney will negatively impact your case. That is why it is important to choose a firm and lawyer with experience — a firm with a proven track record who not only gets the job done, but cares about their clients.

Here at Dolci & Weiland, we have the experience and dedication to handle your case with expertise. Our experienced lawyers work hard to get the best possible outcome in any case. Whether you are looking in Wheaton for a divorce attorney, a DUI attorney, or a criminal defense lawyer, we are here to advocate and fight for your interests.

Divorce Lawyer in Wheaton, Illinois

There are many areas of practice in family law, including but not limited to divorce and maintenance, adoption or guardianship, child custody, and more. Our Wheaton divorce attorneys can guide you through the legal processes involved with many areas of family law. They understand the high stakes involved with family law issues, and can help alleviate your stress during an emotional time.

From paperwork and documentation to appearing in court, we will be by your side during the entire process so you don't have to do it alone. You can be confident your case will be handled with the utmost care and attention. Family law can we a sensitive issue, and we are committed providing our clients with top-notch representation.

DUI Lawyer in Wheaton, Illinois

Being charged with a DUI in Wheaton can be scary to deal with. However, a DUI does not have to lead to jail time or excessive fines. In the case of a DUI, an experienced attorney can help reduce your charges and sentences. If you are dealing with a Wheaton DUI charge and seeking legal assistance, our attorneys can help minimize the consequences of your charge. There are instances where a DUI charge can be dropped if the police do not follow proper procedures. In other cases, a DUI sentence can be reduced — sometimes significantly. Whether your case can be dropped, your sentence reduced, or any other possibility, our attorneys will work hard to get the best results for your case.

Criminal defense lawyer in Wheaton, Illinois

It can be overwhelming to face criminal charges, regardless of what they are. At Dolci & Weiland, we handle a variety of criminal defense cases. From drug crimes, to theft, to sex crimes or white collar crimes, we can defend you in court to reduce your sentencing or charges in a criminal case. We are strong believers in your right to an attorney and will advocate fiercely on behalf of our clients. Our attorneys have experience a wide expanse of criminal cases. They will work closely with you with you achieve positive results, so that you don't have to be held back in life.

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