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Consequences of an Illinois DUI Conviction

Posted by Dominick R. Dolci | Oct 06, 2016 | 0 Comments

In the state of Illinois, you can be charged and convicted of DUI if you are caught driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. Additionally, if you are caught driving with a BAC that falls between .05% – .08%, you can also be charged with DUI if you are determined to be impaired.

All Illinois DUI cases are serious. Even your first DUI conviction will affect your criminal record and your future in many ways. If you are charged with and convicted of DUI in Illinois, you can be subject to both administrative and criminal penalties. The number of DUI offenses in your background can have a strong impact on the extent of administrative and criminal consequences. Read this article then call our DUI lawyers to get started.

Administrative Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Illinois

Administrative penalties for a DUI conviction can include:

  • Suspended driver's license
  • Revoked driver's license
  • Fees to reinstate your driver's license
  • Suspended vehicle registration
  • High administrative fees (court costs)

The length of time a license or vehicle can be suspended and the amount of fees that must paid heavily depend on if/how many prior DUI convictions are on your record. With each additional DUI conviction, your license and vehicle registration will be revoked longer, and the fines will be higher.

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Criminal Penalties for DUI Conviction in Illinois

The criminal penalties for a DUI conviction can include:

  • Possibility of jail time
  • Possibility of probation
  • Fines
  • DUI on your record, whether the DUI is a misdemeanor or felony

Similar to administrative consequences, the criminal consequences of a DUI conviction will increase with each subsequent conviction. The fees are often expensive, and grow higher with each repeated offense.

First and second DUI convictions are usually classified as Class A Misdemeanors in Illinois. A misdemeanor will appear on your criminal record, and it comes with a maximum sentence of one year in jail. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor, you cannot be sentenced to jail for longer than one year.

A third DUI conviction, however, is considered a Class 2 Felony. Felonies are considered more serious than misdemeanors and they come with a minimum of one year in prison. However, since a third DUI is a Class 2 Felony in Illinois, it can be punished more severely. The minimum prison term is three years and the maximum is seven years. In most cases, a third DUI offense is taken very seriously and the possibility of a prison sentence is very real.

Long-Term Consequences of a DUI Conviction in Illinois

The state of Illinois does not allow expungements of DUI convictions, even if it is a one-time offense. The only way to remove a DUI conviction from your record is to get a pardon directly from the governor. Therefore, once a DUI is on your record, it is virtually impossible to get it removed, no matter how much time has passed.

This is true for misdemeanor DUIs and felony DUIs. Jail time can end, fines can be paid, and other punishments can be completed, but a DUI conviction will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life. It will also impact your life significantly.

Having a DUI conviction on your criminal record can have a permanent impact on your future

Employment after an Illinois DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction can have a negative impact on the amount of job opportunities available to you. A conviction will show up on background checks and your criminal record even if it was a misdemeanor. Most job applications require you to inform your potential employer if you have any misdemeanor or felony convictions on your record. In the later stages of the application process, you will most likely be required to explain, in detail, the circumstances and consequences of your DUI conviction.

Facing Educational and Academic Obstacles after a DUI Conviction

Some educational institutions, including colleges or universities, might deny you admission if you have a misdemeanor or felony on your record. This can negatively affect the quality and amount of schools you can get into if you have a DUI conviction. Additionally, you might lose out on scholarship opportunities or financial aid.

A DUI Conviction May Cause Increased Insurance

A DUI conviction will cause your insurance premium or rate to rocket up. Your insurance provider might even choose to drop you in some cases. People with DUI convictions on their record often have difficulty finding insurance providers who are willing to cover them. Oftentimes, the insurance providers who are willing to cover someone with a DUI conviction have very expensive rates.

All of these possibilities might have a severe impact on your life. Additionally, you might find it difficult to do other things with a DUI conviction, such as renting a car, traveling, immigrating, or even renewing your driver's license in the future.

None of these are consequences you want to deal with in the long term, let alone for your entire life. Once you have been convicted of a DUI, though, there is little you can do. That is why it is vital not to get convicted of a DUI in the first place. If you are charged with a DUI, it is very important to find an experienced lawyer with experience in handling DUI cases who can fight for you and prevent a conviction from happening.

Avoid a DUI Conviction: Hire a Good Lawyer

At Dolci & Weiland, we have years of experience in DUI cases and have been named Top 100 DUI Lawyers in Illinois by The National Advocacy for DUI Defense. Our lawyers know many effective tactics and strategies to help prevent a DUI conviction, even in the most difficult of cases. They will work tirelessly to get the best possible results in any given case. If you are facing DUI charges and need legal representation, you can contact us at (630) 261-9098 to speak with a lawyer and get a free consultation.

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